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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have a secret

I have just returned from a break at a secret location. This location has some tremendous cycling routes and stunning views.

Once I get my photo collection sorted and if you promise not to tell anyone (don't want just anyone finding out) I may share some of it with you.

As a taster, on the second of the two rides I did, the second half of the ride was in rain and drizzle. Therfore the descent I rode was taken a little on the 'cautious' side, mostly freewheeling. I still topped out at a smidge over 49mph!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Butterfly and Clarion got married

On Saturday 31st July 2010 I rode from my home to Didcot Parkway railway station.

What possesed me to do this I hear you ask?

I rode to Didcot Parkway railway station to meet up with fellow cyclists with whom I am aquainted at yacf. Included in the cyclists I was to meet were Butterfly and Clarion. They ahd got married earlier that day in London and had then ridden their tandem (in complete wedding regalia) to Paddington where they boarded a train to Didcot. We then had a wedding convoy to a camp site in Watlington where the happy couple hosted a wedding reception BBQ/ campover. A really good idea and a tremendous day.

Thanks to Charlotte (aka Bicycleslut) who took the photo.

Many more can be found here along with a flavour of the day.

Congratulations again to Butterfly and Clarion.