Never underestimate the power of one wheel drive!


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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It's good to ride again

Sunday morning saw my first half way decent ride since my crash. Just under 33 miles up and down the hills that litter the area around where I live. very nice it was too. I am still missing out a lot of my commuting miles due to the need to drive too and from a distant location for a job I am working on but the legs and the lungs are coming back. all I need to do now is get the fundament back. Saddle sore or what!

On another topic- The Manx Missile strikes again. Mark Cavandish has emerged vistorious from his first European race of the season- the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne. Apparently he was not feeling too well but still nailed it due to the way Team Sky controlled te race and delivered him to the launch pad. Well done Cav and well done Team Sky!

On another topic again, the Saturday before last, Mrs Secret Cyclist and I spent the day at the Olympic Velodrome for the UCI track World Cup event being hosted as part of the London prepares series. Awesome! The venue is fantastic and the noise as Team GB riders did their thing had to be heard to be believed. Jo Rowsell being followed around the velodrome by an acoustic Mexican Wave as she rode to the Individual Pursuit gold was spine tingling and the roars as Sir Chris Hoy launched himself from close the the back of the line to take his heat and the final in the keirin was something to behold. I think Team GB is on for a good selection of medals in the Olympics if this keeps up.

Photos will follow when time allows.

Update on previous post.

Towards the end of last year I told about helping out at an accident where an elderly gent had been knocked down- here. Sadly I learned recently that the old guy didn't recover and has passed away. Gutted.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

20,000 miles under my belt

Last Sunday I went out on my 'Dale for a short blast to get some shape back into my lungs. I only managed a measley 14.59 mile loop and felt knackered afterwards (it doesn't take long to loose condition does it?). One positive from this however is that it took my total mileage since records began to 20,001.85.

I'm slightly chuffed with that.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Yay! I'm back in the saddle (and so is Cav!)

Last night saw me ride home from work, my first ride since I crashed on 20th January. It wasn't quick and it wasn't pretty but I got home in one piece! My arm and shoulder ached quite a bit as a result of the pulling on the bars and also my riding position, but you know what they say- No Pain, No Gain.

This morning I rode in to work. Again, neither quick nor pretty. We had about 2" of fresh snow overnight so progress was careful. I had to remain seated and adopt the granny gear combo to get up Quarry Wood Road- standing and honking had my back wheel spinning out on the slush and packed snow. Once again, I will remind the world- When there is snow on the ground, never underestimate the power of one wheel drive. I bet all you lucky gits that own and run Pugsleys are haveing a whale of a time! (Tommy and Coastkid, I'm talking about you).

Next weekend (well, Thursday evening through to Sunday evening) sees the UCI running a track World Cup event at the Olympiv Velodrome in London and part of the venue preperations programme. SWMBO and I tried to get tickets tothe Olympic events but failed so we tried for the preparedness event instead. We failed originally but, yesterday SWMBO managed to get a pair of tickets to both Saturday sessions! A right result. a full day of track cycling to enjoy.

To cap off a good week, Mark Cavandish is at it again. Riding his first event for Team Sky, he has taken stages 3 and 5 of the Tour of Quatar. The Manx Missile is flying again!

Saturday, 4 February 2012


On Friday 20th January, whilst cycling home from work, it all went wrong for me.

I was descending Quarry Wood Road and negotiating the mid point hairpin, a right turn on the way down. I had scrubbed off all my speed and was just apexing the bend when my front wheel decided to go AWOL. I was riding then I wasn't, no warning, no chance of recovery, just me laying in the middle of the road feeling sorry for myself and identifying bits that hurt- knee and elbow well scuffed by the shell grip surface.

I looked back the way I had come and saw car lights approaching so grabbeed G G G G Granville and shuffled out of the way. A couple of cars stopped to make sure I was OK and I assured them I was. I collected up all the bits that had fallen out or off the bike then started to ride again. After a few hundred yards I had to sit up as my shoulder and upper arm hurt like a wossname. I got home and showered to run some hot water over my shoulder which made a difference.

Next morning adhesion had set in and I had to unglue myself from the sheets!

The scuffed bits are now at the picking scabs stage but the shoulder and arm still hurt, particularly when they get a bit of a jolt. As a result, I haven't ridden for two weeks.

Withdrawal is a bummer.

P.S. Have a squint to the left and click on the Cities Fit For Cycling logo. Another ally in the fight to make cycling safer for all.