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Monday, 26 September 2011

Mark Cavendish is on top of the world!

Bloody awesome performance from Mark Cavendish at teh UCI Worlds in Copenhagen!

Not just Mark though. Every member of the GB team buried themselves kepping the race under control and deliveing him to the launch platform in the final few hundred meters. I was watching live and, to be honest, thought the other temas had done enough to thwart the Team GB efforts, managing to make him loose the wheel of Gerraint Thomas as the bunch was in the last kilometer or so. I should have known better and kept the faith.

I have only one problem with yesterdays outcome.

Mark Cavendish spends the next 12 months wearing the Rainbow Jersey as the winner of the Elite Mens Road Race. He was first accross the line.

7 other Elite men got him there- David Millar, Bradley Wiggins, Gerraint Thomas, Ian Stannard, Jermey Hunt, Steve Cummings and Chris Froome. They should all have the right to wear some form of symbol on their jerseys to show the world that they were partially responsible for their man winning the jersey.

Former winners of the World Championship wear rainbow rings around the cuffs of their jerseys as homage to their achievement. Perhaps the other 7 riders from Sunday should be allowed to wear one rainbow cuff for the year that Mark is World Champion?

Image from Cycling Weekly article here

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Brisk but Beautiful

When I got up this morning to get ready for work, I went through the usual routine- you know the score, unmentionables in the bathroom, feed the cats, make the families lunches etc.

When the cats had finished their breakfast I let them out and noticed a distinct nip in the air. Cool summer mornings have given way to brisk autumn dawns.

I decided that this morning would be the first commute of the post summer period where knee and arm warmers were order of the day.

I'm really glad that I did because it was a tad on the chilly side as I headed out. Once again though, I had the opportunity to experience one of those glorious mornings- mist rising over the meadows, cattle chewing the cud, steaming breath as they did so and the sun lighting it up with a diffused golden glow.

The moments like this are the reason I ride all year round.

To cap it all off perfectly, the hot water system at work has been repaired so I indulged in a nice warm shower on arrival. Much more enjoyable than the recent mains cold water temperature affairs.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Have travel- will take bike.

I'm on a course this week, 5 days residential at Wyboston Lakes.

During my prep for the week, I decided that I would bring a bike with me so I packed some bibs and a jersey, my shoes and other stuff required and tooke the wheels of my 'Dale, which makes it all fit snugly in the boot.

Tonight, after the days education and prior to dinner, I got changed, rebuilt the bike and headed out for an hour or so in the saddle.

A 23 mile loop through St Neots and some of the surrounding lanes was a very pleasant change. The only problem was, this area is reasonably flat so I was in wind the whole route.

Can't have everything though can I?

Friday, 2 September 2011

SRAM Wagon

I have just seen a link to a Pinkbike post relating to SRAM's new on site competition workshop trailer.


Well done Garmin Cervelo

Every so often stories are printed or aired about arrogant sports stars treating their fans like crap. No specific sport is as guilty as any other and no sport that I can evidence is more accommodating than any other. There is good and bad in all aspects.

It is nice however, to read something that paints the stars of a sport in a better light.

One of my regular haunts is the blog created by Eldon Nelson- The Fat Cyclist. Fatty is away for a little while and in his absence he has a guest blogmeister, Paul Guyot. On Wednesday, Paul uploaded a lovely post about an experience he and his 8 year old son had involving team Garmin Cervelo. Have a read

Thursday, 1 September 2011

September? Where did summer go?

Well, that is the end of summer I suppose, though British weather will probably throw up some far hotter weather in Autumn than we have had recently.

At least my mileage for August was slightly more respectable than July. Nearly double but still a long way off what I used to do. I need to make more time for riding on my days off. I'm on a residential course just outside St Neots all next week so commuting miles will be out. I will have to consider taking a bike and getting some miles in after hours. Cannondale or Fixie, that is the question.

Todays Yehuda Moon made me laugh. It brough to mind my first 50mph + descent a few years ago. Woo Hoo! doesn't come close.

Currently, pro riders are engaged in the Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain). Well done to Team Sky who are doing well, with Bradley Wiggins currently in the leaders red jersey, which he took over from team mate Chris Froome. To steal a line from the great Marlon Brando, I think Wiggo Coulda been a contender for the overall victory in the Tour de France if he hadn't spanged his collar bone. If only.....