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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cav gets another medal

Secret Cyclists favourite Pro Cyclist and all round Good Egg, Mark Cavendish has been in the news again. He has been nominated as one of the shortlist of 10 for the 2011 BBC Sports Personality of The Year.
The full list is as follows-
Mark Cavendish (cycling)
Darren Clarke (golf)
Alastair Cook (cricket)
Luke Donald (golf)
Mo Farah (athletics)
Dai Greene (athletics)
Amir Khan (boxing)
Rory McIlroy (golf)
Andy Murray (tennis)
Andrew Strauss (cricket).
The winner is apparently selected by public telephone vote on the night so, Good Luck Cav!

In addition to his SPOTY nomination, Cav went to the Big House at the end of The Mall, London the be awarded his MBE by Her Majesty the Queen- Cav gets a gong
On talking about his conversation with Her Majesty, Cav said "We were talking about the Olympics and my event finishing on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace next year - I told her to give me a cheer when we come past."
He is a wag isn't he?
Well done Mark!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I hate running but....

I used to go out running on a regular basis. It was part of my regime to keep me in shape for some of the specialisations I used to undertake. Since giving up those specialist tasks four or five years ago, I stopped the running.

To combat the danger of a spreading waistline that spending 80- 90% of a working day sat at a desk presents I joined the local gym. This worked fine and the weight stayed hovering at around 80- 82 kilos (I have always had a rapidly fluctuating weight within a half a stone region). I started to get very annoyed with the gym bunnies however, spending more of their time checking themselves out in the mirrors or chatting to their barely active buddy whilst occupying a piece of equipment or floor space I wanted to use so got a bit dispirited. Alongside regular back and elbow joint pain brought on by doing weights I got a bit dispirited so decided I couldn't justify the expense of continuing my gym membership, letting it lapse at the end of September.

I have started to run again. Initially just a mile/ mile and a half loop in 12-15 minutes but I am now extending it. I will stop at a maximum of about a 6 miler (and this will take a several of months to get to) with the possibility of once a week running home from work and then back to work the next morning.

We shall see.

I still hate running but......