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Friday, 28 June 2013

Tour de France 2013

Starts tomorow!

Yours truly will be setting up the PVR tonight to record the daily higlight show so that I can sit down in the evening with a beer/ glass of wine/ coffee and snacks to catch up on the days events (if I have been otherwise engaged and unable to watch the stage live).

I love this time of year.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Time Xpresso 2 pedals

Recently I had noticed that I was having trouble engaging with my Shimano SPD SL pedals- fishing around with my left foot trying to get the nose of the cleat to hook into the pedal. This was probably due to the lack of riding my SPD SL equipped bike, a situation brought on by getting the job in the bike shop.

Whilst working at the shop I have also noticed that a number of folk have purchased SPD SL pedals and struggled to get along with clicking in and out of the pedals, even on the lowest resistance setting.

Recently the shop started to carry Time Xpresso 2 pedals as part of their stock. I had a look at these and was immediately struck with the way they coordinated with Rafa, my recently acquired Wilier Izoard XP- they are grey with a red highlight (OK, I'm a tart). What also struck me was their weight. Time quote 220g for a pair- Shimano Dura Ace SPD SL are quoted as average weight 248g. I don't know if this is per pedal or per pair.

I decided to get a pair of the Xpresso 2's and give them a go. I fitted them and took them out for their inaugural ride on Friday evening- only a 13 mile loop but it took in a bit of climbing- some 10% sections of seated and out of the saddle honking with lots of pulling up on the trailing pedal. The pedals were just fitted to the bike as they came out of the box, no adjusting settings or anything. I have got to say that, on initial riding, I am impressed. Easy engagement and almost effortless clicking out. I think my next ride might have to take in Whitepit Lane, about 100m of which is around 20% so lots of stresses in both directions on the pedals.

A pedal worth a thought if you are looking for an alternative to Shimano SPD SL or Look Delta or Keo.