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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

Yesterday evenings ride home from work started off dry but cool. 5 minutes up the road however and the cloud I was approaching decided to unload, so I endured 15 minutes or so of rain.

Not to worry, it is only water and skin is waterproof.

Another bonus for me is that the route I ride home is generally North West so I am cycling towards the sun with the exception of the descent from Winter Hill and the ride into Marlow itself which is Northerly (ish). As I come down from Winter Hill I am initially into the sun but the hairpin puts the sun over my left shoulder. Yesterday this meant that after the turn, the sun was behind me and the rain was in front of me. This presented me with the most vivid rainbow I have seen in a long time. The rainbow had a duller twin outside it and outside that, hints of a third!

I really need to get me a helmet camera.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

10 days out of the saddle

Due to work commitments and a chest that sounded like a cement mixer mixing a vat of the slime that drips from the jaws of the alien in the film Alien, until my ride home from work yesterday I had not turned a pedal for 10 days.

My bike let me know that the neglect was noted by delaminating a puncture repair patch whilst it relaxed in the drying room at work. I had arrived at the bike all bouncy and raring to go.

That'll learn me.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Golden Years

Today, Ma and Pa Secret Cyclist celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Well done them!

Clan Secret Cyclist will be visiting them on Sunday and we will drag them out for a nice dinner and the odd glass of bubbly to celebrate.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Jeebus! That was close.

On the ride home yesterday afternoon, I had one of those life flashing before your eyes moments.

I rode up to a T junction and was positioned just left of the broken white centre line, at point. I looked right and saw a car a little way off but too close for me to risk going for it. I looked left and saw a car a little bit closer than the one to my right, indicating to turn right. I had the feeling the driver was going to risk it so looked back again to see if he was going to make it.

I was right about the car to my left. I heard the sound of wheels locking up and saw the front of the car approaching my front wheel, taking the short cut through the junction in his efforts to save a second or two. My heart was in my mouth as I waited for the inevitable collision and pain.

Somehow the driver managed to avoid me and execute his turn- having slowed to a crawl and brought the car coming the other way almost to a standstill.

The driver who nearly had me gave an embarrassed wave and continued on his way whilst I tried to get my heart out of the way so I could draw breath and continue my journey.

No further incidents after that.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Autumn rides- sights and sounds (and smells!)

Yesterday afternoon I decided to head out on my Cannondale R800 for a countryside loop.

I am fortunate in that I have some wonderful lanes to ride within 5 minutes of home.

The ride took in a few climbs which would normally be reasonably easy on the 'Dale (lighter than the commute bike and no luggage) but, I am on the recovery phase of a cold and have an annoying cough. The upshot of this was that the climbing was painful, really laboured breathing and heart rate maxing at 178 bpm at one point (Apprentice crumbly less than a year from the half century) so not good. Hurry up and bugger off cough!

Anyway, as it is autumn, farming folk are quite busy, preparing the land for the next crop. Part of the route I rode took me out of Hambleden village and towards the little hamlet of Parmoor. As I rode this, a farmer was ploughing a field beside the road. I could see something was occurring from a distance as there were 12 or 13 Red Kite gliding overhead watching what was going on. When I got level with the field, I could see 20 or so more Kite on the field itself checking out the freshest furrows for goodies. They leapt into flight as I passed, settling back again soon after. A wonderful sight.

Other farmers had been busy feeding their fields and the smell of well rotted manure was everywhere. Not so wonderful but, if you can't stand the smell- get out of the countryside!

A lot of the loop had tree cover over the roads and many of the trees were Beech. The roads beneath the trees were strewn with beech nut husks and riding over the husks sounded like muted automatic gun fire! I was waiting for the hiss of rapidly deflating tyre but I got away with it.

Autumn afternoon rides are only bettered by those bright, autumn early morning rides with mists over the fields.