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Friday, 8 March 2013

Yesterday, as a result of my little part time job at the bike shop, I got to attend ICE Bike, Madison's trade show in Milton Keynes.

Now, apart from the usual bling, there were some interesting thaings to see.

Park Tools had a good display, complete with their new, all singing, all dancing, powered workshop stand. It has the usual clamp system to hold a bike whilst it is being built/ repaired BUT, this stand has an electric motor to lift the bike to work height.

Chariot make a cracking Stroller which is quickly interchangeable to a bike trailer/ ski trailer/ jogger trailer etc. Very pricey but I reckon It has potential.

I got a few little freebies including Parks mini bottle-opener bottle opener and a Shimano chain checker.

I am in trouble again though.

I am in trouble already because I have recognised that I need a recumbent trike like what we have on display in the shop. I therefore am in trouble to the tune of the £2500 I need to make my life complete.

Having gone to ICE Bike, I now realise that my life is far from complete. Not only do I need the trike, I also now understand that I NEED the Genesis Caribou fat bike they had on display. That is another £1500 I am in trouble to the tune of.

Ho hum.

Maybe if I speak to the right rep, they will realise that what they need is exposure. If they lend me a fat bike for a couple of months, I can use it to commute to work at my full time job, just for shits and giggles you understand. Folk in this fat bike free zone will see what they are missing and will want to buy a fat bike of their own.  

Just a thought like, if the right rep is out there reading......