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Saturday, 3 October 2009


If you gather together any size group of cyclists and ask questions about the wind, you will soon learn that in most- not all but so close to all that it makes little difference- cases, they have had to cope with the seemingly impossible situation of a bi-directional wind. Find a straight road with two roundabouts, one at each end and continuously ride the loop of this road. If the wind is in your face on the outward leg, common sense tells you that the wind will be at your back on the return leg. WRONG. The wind is in your face whatever direction you ride. Riders passing in opposing directions on that loop will both be riding into wind. It is an almost immutable law. Cyclists only ever find a headwind. What is that all about?

I don't know about other cyclists but, I suffer from another problem with the wind. I can't pass it whilst pedaling. Too much information? No. This is a public information message. If you were ever to find yourself drafting me as I ride (or wheelsucking if I'm in a bad mood) and you notice that a) I have stopped pedaling and b) I am standing up then start to react. I am either getting ready to deal with a pothole or other danger to cyclists OR I am about to relieve stomach pain by breaking wind. Either way, right behind me is definitely the wrong place to be. Public information message ends.

On a lighter but just as informative not, yesterday I discovered the blog of a friend of mine. A certain red haired Amazonian fixie chick acquaintance of mine called Charlotte blogs as
bicycleslut. A good read. Visit and enjoy!


  1. *waves at Fuzzy*

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  3. :-D

    Personally, I don't find breaking wind a problem - it's keeping them in I have trouble with ;-)