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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nice ride in this morning.

On my commute in today I was passed by someone who gave me a cheery "Good Morning" on his way by. It gave me a bit of a start as I wasn't aware of his presence. He was wearing Wycombe Cycle Club kit and riding what looked like a nice road bike. I Good Morning'd him back and then prepared for the chase. I soon realised however that I hade met my match and then some. I managed to keep him in sight as we rode into Bourne End where I started to examine his riding style. For some reason he kept getting out of the saddle to pedal. After a little while of this I realised he was on either a single speed or a fixed! I managed to make ground on him as he waited for some traffic lights and discovered he was riding a nice Ribble fixed gear bike. We started to chat. We stayed together until Burnham on the A4, where I slowed to cool down. I established that he was severely dedicated in his riding. 40 mile return journey every day and Audaxes. He was chatting away about a 400 mile 48 hour event he had taken part in in the West Country. No wonder I couldn't gain on him till he stopped.

I didn't get his name but I have no doubt that one day we will ride together again.

Whoever you are, thanks for the company this morning. Oh, and by the way- chains a bit slack!

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