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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Best bit of cycling kit?

I was thinking the other day when I was considering whether to spend more money on more kit- what is the best bit of cycling kit I own? Now, when I ask this, I am discounting actual bikes as cycling kit. What I was considering was things that I wear, things that I carry, thingst that I fix to my bike and things that I use to fix my bike.

There were a few candidates- my Tacx Spider workstand

was certainly in the running, as was my Altura Airstream jacket but for me, the hands down winner was my Exposure Joystick light-

(mine is red by the way).
I wear mine on a helmet mount-

This light is the dogs wossnames. it is light, bright, rechargeable and cable free. I have mine on the helmet because it gets me noticed. I have it on flashing mode and this seems to get noticed as it is higher than the general background clutter.

They can be a bit pricey but, if you are looking for really good lights, the Exposure range is well worth a look-
Exposure lights


  1. Love the stand. I could do with something like that. My best bit of kit is probably half a roll of bog paper. In any given situation you can make do with whatever goes wrong, except for a desperate need to wipe when you cant.

  2. The Tacx stand is the best product. As it's real product from The Netherlands!! LOL

  3. I've just bought a cheap chinese torch instead of the Joystick. The postman hasn't even delivered my light yet and i'm already wishing I hadn't been a penny pincher and had bought the Joystick instead.

    200 lumen Joystick for £160 vs 900lumen torch for £50. At the time it seemed like a no brainer. Now i'm thinking I went for the wrong one.

  4. Assos shorts = no more ripped up buttocks. Nuff said :)