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Friday, 9 July 2010

I survived.

On Monday I posted about Yin and Yang and Karma and stuff just before setting off for home.

Just to put your minds at rest- I survived but, no thanks to the lawmakers known as Murphy and his evil henchman Sod.

Murphy saw fit to make sure EVERY traffic light was at red and a lot of junctions were occupied whilst Sod just wound up his lungs and spent the whole journey providing me with my very own private 15mph headwind.

To cap it all however, a mad Scientist somewhere must have failed an experiment which caused a warp or a tear in the Space Time Contiueinueinueinum. That is the only explanation I have. What happened was I was negotiating a roundabout and as I did so, a car that should have given way failed to. Why the theory about the warp or a tear in the Space Time Contiueinueinueinum? Well, as the driver failed to give way to me, he also failed to even look at me. The only explanation I can come up with for this is, he didn't look at me because I wasn't there. The only possible explanation for me not being there must be because I was viewing our universe from a parallel one on the other side of the warp or a tear in the Space Time Contiueinueinueinum.



The Tour de France!
Wow, what a great first few days. The stage across the cobbles used during Paris- Roubaix is probably one of the most exiting stages I have ever watched.

Bring it on!

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