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Friday, 17 December 2010

Catriona Patel

I have been catching up on news etc. today and one thing that caught my eye was from November. It revolved around the trial of the driver responsible for killing Catriona Patel as she cycled to work in London-
from The Mail online

I read the article with horror as I believe I know one of the paramedics who attended the scene.

I was absolutely horrified as my reading into this incident progressed. The driver, Dennis Putz, was over the drink drive limit at the time of the incident, was involved in a mobile phone call and had a string of convictions, jail sentences and disqualifications relating to driving offences. What the hell was he doing behind the wheel of a vehicle of any sort, let alone being employed to drive a large tipper truck on urban streets?

At least Putz has been jailed for 7 years and banned from driving for life

To cap it all, his employers Thames Materials recently had another vehicle involved in a fatal incident, where one of their tippers collided with a number of vehicles on the A4 near Heathrow, including a taxi, one of the occupants of which died of his injuries.

Something appears to be wrong somewhere.....


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

  2. Personal I think, shoot the Bastard.

    As a proffesional I think, shoot him twice!!

  3. Maybe someone has to look into the HR practises of this company? Ask for a clean driver's license and a quick reference check should do the trick to keep cyclists (and all other road users) safe!

    Great blog by the way...