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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Brooks saddles

The other day whilst sorting through my 'Box 'O Bits' I rediscovered my Brooks team Pro-

This used to be fitted to my work patrol bike and I removed it when I 'retired' from bike patrol. I decide to fit it to G G G G granville, my commuter/ tourer.

A Brooks saddle is a thing of beauty. All I need to do now is get my backside reaquainted with the saddle.


  1. Ahh, Brooks! All 3 of my bikes have them. Not very high tech, or light, but I wouldn't park my posterior on anything else!

  2. 2 B17s here on my Surly bikes and a 57 year old B66 on an old Raleigh...i love them!,
    agree a thing of beauty,
    i like how on the website feedback someone said they were disapointed they only got 30 years out of one!