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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

Yesterday evenings ride home from work started off dry but cool. 5 minutes up the road however and the cloud I was approaching decided to unload, so I endured 15 minutes or so of rain.

Not to worry, it is only water and skin is waterproof.

Another bonus for me is that the route I ride home is generally North West so I am cycling towards the sun with the exception of the descent from Winter Hill and the ride into Marlow itself which is Northerly (ish). As I come down from Winter Hill I am initially into the sun but the hairpin puts the sun over my left shoulder. Yesterday this meant that after the turn, the sun was behind me and the rain was in front of me. This presented me with the most vivid rainbow I have seen in a long time. The rainbow had a duller twin outside it and outside that, hints of a third!

I really need to get me a helmet camera.

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