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Monday, 5 December 2011

Heart Rate max- how to get it up.

I went out for a run on Saturday afternoon, just a gentle jog of a couple of miles.

About half way through I came across the immediate aftermath of a car V pedestrian accident. An elderly gent was laying in the road with a young guy leaning over him on the phone. He was the only person who seemed to be getting involved whilst cars tried to drive past and pedestrians gawped but kept walking.

I want over and found that the young guy was the driver involved. he was in a panic but was on the phone to ambulance control.

I took over, rendering first aid to the casualty and the driver, commandeering drivers to block the road and pedestrians to pass info to the impatiently waiting traffic. I also got nearby businesses to get blankets etc. Having done that I was introduced to the wife of the driver. She was in the car when the accident happened. She was a) 7 weeks pregnant and b) going in to shock. I rendered first aid to her.

On arrival of ambulance and police I passed all information I had established to them, helped where I could and then continued on my gentle jog once surplus to requirements.

Throughout the entirety of the run I barely got out of breath but on checking my heart rate monitor when I got home, my max heart rate was measured an 179 bpm!

Incident management is certainly a good cardio workout!

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