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Friday, 10 February 2012

Yay! I'm back in the saddle (and so is Cav!)

Last night saw me ride home from work, my first ride since I crashed on 20th January. It wasn't quick and it wasn't pretty but I got home in one piece! My arm and shoulder ached quite a bit as a result of the pulling on the bars and also my riding position, but you know what they say- No Pain, No Gain.

This morning I rode in to work. Again, neither quick nor pretty. We had about 2" of fresh snow overnight so progress was careful. I had to remain seated and adopt the granny gear combo to get up Quarry Wood Road- standing and honking had my back wheel spinning out on the slush and packed snow. Once again, I will remind the world- When there is snow on the ground, never underestimate the power of one wheel drive. I bet all you lucky gits that own and run Pugsleys are haveing a whale of a time! (Tommy and Coastkid, I'm talking about you).

Next weekend (well, Thursday evening through to Sunday evening) sees the UCI running a track World Cup event at the Olympiv Velodrome in London and part of the venue preperations programme. SWMBO and I tried to get tickets tothe Olympic events but failed so we tried for the preparedness event instead. We failed originally but, yesterday SWMBO managed to get a pair of tickets to both Saturday sessions! A right result. a full day of track cycling to enjoy.

To cap off a good week, Mark Cavandish is at it again. Riding his first event for Team Sky, he has taken stages 3 and 5 of the Tour of Quatar. The Manx Missile is flying again!

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