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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tour de France 2012- SWMBO and I go to Liege

She Who Must Be Obeyed and I returned from our trip to Liege on Sunday evening and I have just uploaded my photos from the expedition. Once again we (or at least I) had a great time. Liege is a nice City to visit with lots of cafes and taverns to allow the continental street culture to bloom. We ate and drank and were generally very merry.
Here are a few pictures for your consideration-

Team Sky Pro Cycling at the team presentation on Thursday evening

A stroll around the City led us here-

373 steps to the top! Here is the post ascent view-

and I was thinking about the hoot it would be descending on my old bike patrol steed.

SWMBO needed a short rest before continuing-

Fuel was available at the Expo that ran from Wednesday evining to Friday evening. A rumour has it that Belgians produce some of the best beer in the world-
We agree!

We did a recce of the prologue route and picked our spot on the exit to the roundabout on Quai Paul van Hoegaerden between Pont John F Kennedy and Pont Albert 1er. We left the hotel at 8:30 a.m. and were on plot by 9:00 a.m. where we sat and waited. After a while other spectators started to arrive and riders started to do the route to warm up and get a feel for the route-





Vino (SWMBO has a soft spot for him)

Graham Watson turned up and doubtless did a far superior job of capturing the moment than I did

A little while later a retired French bloke showed up as well-

They then got down to doing the route for proper-

Though not everyone had luck on their side

Cav on his timed run

Yukia Arashiro (for whom SWMBO has another soft spot)

Some folk seemed to be having a ball

Though I don't think I saw Dave Zabriski smile all weekend (love the Captain America look!)

Vino again

Not sure who (open to suggestions) poss Valverde?

Cadel going for it

SWMBO soaking up the atmosphere

Me doing the same

We then took a walk to where the pit lane had set up earlier. Team Sky have gorgeous vehicles

and if you look carefully, at least one comes with a factory fitted Bradley Wiggins

I'm not posing for this one, honest

Elsewhere, I found a car with Scarponi's bike on the roof (lovely looking machine)

I noticed a nasty gouge on the bottom bracket. I expect it will buff out

There was also a stand set up by a Brussels bike museum which included this beautiful Pederssen (sp?)

It was then back to the hotel to nurse our sunburn.

Next morning we set out at 8:30 again and located ourselves on Boulevard d' Avroy on the outside of the turn where the route entered Rue Pont d' Avroy. We waited for a couple of hours, collecting caravan schwag until the peleton arrived-

After they had disappeared down the route we relocated a few yards away still on Boulevard d' Avroy as they made their way back along the other side of the road and out of the City

Jens contemplating the pain he is doubtless going to cause after uttering the immortal words "Shut up legs!"

Cadel in relaxed mood

but not as relaxed as Tommy V

SWMBO is a diamond for organising the travel etc. I must keep telling her I love her!

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