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Friday, 28 September 2012

The Marathon Plus has been fitted!

The only issue I had was a minute or two of Laurel and Hardy inspired comedy gold. The tyre I removed was a 700x28 Continental Contact. I replaced it with a 700x32 M+. The carcass on this tyre is quite stiff so, the problem was getting the first bead to stay inside the rim at the start of fitting the second bead. It kept popping out in the manner of the comedy films of old where Stan Laurel would be trying to close drawers of a cabinet and every time he closed one, a second would pop open. In the end I resorted to a couple of toe straps postioned at ten to two around the rim just to cinch the bead in place. The rest of the bead rolled in with little effort and no profanity.

Here's to many miles of trouble free riding on that new baby!

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