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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bryton let me down

Bloody technology! I went out for an hour in the saddle this morning before reporting for duty at the bike shop. I thought I would do a bit of a hilly ride so, having set out and ridden down Marlow High Street, I crossed the river and turned left onto Quarry Wood Road. On reaching the climb I was nicely warmed up so set to the ascending. I topped out, turned round and descended and followed this with another two ascents. I then did a Cookham Dean- Cookham- Winter Hill loop and then descended Quarry Wood Road again. Before going home I decided to turn round and top off the ride with another ascent of the hill before a screaming descent and riding home. On arrival at home I checked the Bryton GPS computer to find out distance, speed, accumulated climbing etc to find that the unit had frozen half way through the ride and lost all my data. Not a happy teddy bear. The unit is going back and I'm replacing it with a Cateye Stealth. Lets see how that one gets on. I'm furious really, as plotting the route I took on a mapping app doesn't show the profile i would expect, nor does the accunualted height gain tally with what it should be.

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