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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bad News- It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sat in the office.
What’s wrong with that? It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sat in the office of course! I should be out riding. I look out of the window at blazing sunshine. I should be out of the Cannondale, putting the miles in and topping up the ‘Cyclist Tan’- nice brown arms up to mid bicep, nice brown legs up to mid thigh. Obvious breaks in the tan caused by gloves, sunglasses and socks. Instead, I’m sat in the office, praying that someone remembers I’m here and gives me some work to do. I can only create so much work out of nothing.

At least I still get the miles in on the daily commute. Just over 10 miles each way. I have a monthly target of 300 miles minimum. So far for 2009 the tally is as follows-
January- 356.67
February- 307.05
March- 373.57
April- 143.76 (On holiday- week in Hong Kong and week in Tokyo, no cycling)
May- 307.5 (still got the ride home though)

I started logging my rides in September 2005 on
My best month to date was January 2007 where I rode 444.68 miles. My best year was 2006 when I rode 3,759.55 miles. I don’t know why I log all the rides, it gives me a target to aim at I suppose.

A phone call! Someone HAS remembered I’m here. I have some work to do again.

Time to go.

Luv n’ Stuff.

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