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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

More bits about me and cycling

A few lines about my current stable. Like many cyclists around the world, I suffer from N+1 syndrome. N+1 is the equation relating to the number of bikes a cyclist needs where N = the number of bikes the cyclist currently owns. My current stable of useable steeds is as follows-

G G G G Granville, my Ridgeback tourer- trusty workhorse/ commuter bike. Purchased to replace the sadly departed Knuckles-
my Saracen Morzine road bike, the first 'serious' bike I purchased when returning to cycling. He was 'killed' by a reversing supermarket delivery van that overtook me then forgot I was there.
Then there is Pete (named after a really good mate from school) -

my Cannondale R800 'best bike'. Used for those good weather weekend rides when i just have to get out and do some miles.

Next is Stig, aan indeterminate Puch road/ touring bike rescued from a skip and slightly restored-

Stig is my winter commuter. I plan to onvert him to a single speed/ fixie by getting a flip flop hubbed rear wheel for him.

Finally there is my unnamed Raleigh 1990's steel framed rigid MTB which I use as my utility bike- trips to the shops etc. No images of it at the moment.

I will also show you my former trusty work bike Swoop 1-

A Smith and Wesson Custom patrol bike. A really great bike to ride.

I have had hours of fun on all of these bikes.
Think I'm sad giving my bikes names? As I said in my first post- this is my world.

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