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Sunday, 13 June 2010

An observation about descending

The other day I decided to vary my route home from work. Instead of doing the 10.26 mile ride along the A4 from Burnham towards Maidenhead and then turning right towards and subsequently through Cookham and Bourne End, I opted for the just under 8.5 mile route directly north out of Burnham, past Cliveden and then down the hill into Bourne End.

I have ridden parts of this route many times, especially the hill adjacent to Cookham (Bourne End Road/ Hedsor Hill) and, when descending, have found it to be a bit uneven and some of the corners off camber. On my Cannondale R800 this is sometimes a little squirly and uncomfortable which has led to me descending in banzai mode, as opposed to BANZAI!

Anyway, on the ride home the other day I was aboard G G G G Granville, my steel framed Ridgeback Voyage touring bike. Definitely not a racing snake machine but, I tell you this for free, when hooning down the hill, he was solid and planted. I wonder if the racing legends that run the teams for the Grand Tours are missing a trick? What would happen to Bradley Wiggins time coming off The Tourmalet if Dave Brailsford was waiting at the top with a Team Sky badged Voyager for him to descend on?

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