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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The end of the road?

As I write this I am preparing for a change of job. I will continue as a Copper but will be moving from my current posting to do a similar job but at a different level. This change takes effect on 15th November- a little under a fortnight away.

All good I hear you say and, to a major degree I concur BUT, one of the requirements of my new job is that I become what we call an 'Essential User' on the car front. This means that I have to use my private car for work. Not a problem as I get an annual alowance to offset insurance and other costs plus a mileage allowance. Well, I say not a problem but, the downside is that I need to have immediate access to the car all the time I am at work. This could mean the end of my cycle commuting! Not a happy state of affairs. I am looking at the possibility of being able to leave the car at work during the week, using the bike to get too and fro Monday evening to Friday morning and taking the car home at weekends. I hope it works out.....


  1. Good luck with that, I'd go back to being a fat bastard if I had to stop commuting by back. Hope it works out.

  2. Leave the car parked outside work and continue to ride in/out? (perhaps not).

    I hope your new job works out.

  3. Wow, they make you guys use your own cars? I get to take home a Crown Vic Ford...which is un-marked, but everybody can tell it's a cop car anyway. Saves lots on gas and other expenses.
    Ride safe. I used to do bicycle patrol... and motor bikes...