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Monday, 15 October 2012

Fettling is fun!

Recently, as I was riding home, I heard a bit of a twang from the environs of the rear wheel on G G G G Granville as I was riding home. This was soon followed by a regular fluctuation in resistance to my efforts towards forward momentum. I surmised a broken spoke and a glance at the rear wheel as it exhibited a slight ‘Pringle’ effect confirmed my suspicions. I had a spoke at home which I thought would suffice but it turned out the break was on the non drive side. The spoke I had was a drive side spoke so about 4mm too short!

Yesterday I fettled the new, correct length spoke onto G G G G Granville’s rear wheel. After refitting the wheel and doing a bit of truing, I discovered that the rim had split around a different spoke hole to the one I had been fettling- ‘doh!

Moral to this story is check the rim before fannying around with wheel related stuffs.

As a result I had to search the Dungeon Dimensions (the sheds and the garage) until I found a rear wheel that would accept the cassette from G G G G Granville’s dead wheel.

This turned out to be the rear salvaged from Knuckles when he was killet by the delivery van that reversed into me a couple of years ago (G G G G Granville was his replacement).

The dish on the Knuckles wheel is different to that on G G G G Granville’s so I had to do a bit of messing with brakes. It is also a slightly narrower profile (Knuckles was a Saracen road bike with 23mm tyres) so the 32mm Marathon+ took a bit of fitting (no profanity and my thumbs are fine!).

It got me to work this morning.

I love fettling!

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