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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Movember and DopeGate

A couple of things today.

Today is 1st November. For the last few years, this date has seen the launch of Movember.

I have decided that I will grow a V for Vendetta style Mo and beard as seen on the mask from the film.

Careful shaving starts now.


I have been taking my time and carefully considering the case put forward by USADA against Lance Armstrong.

Prior to the release of their evidence against him, I considered myself a believer, not thinking that he had partaken in any form of doping. I had believed that he had achieved the results he had through hard work and phenomenal athletic ability.

I now find myself feeling duped and deceived. The case against Lance seems to be strong. Not only that he doped, but that he also orchestrated a programme of systematic doping amongst his team in order that they were able to lead him to his results.

To dope or conspire with a team to run a doping programme is inexcusable. It is cheating. Not only has Lance dashed my beliefs in his honesty, he has involved others that I looked up to as sportsmen of character- George Hincapie, Dave Zabriski, Bobby Julich. I was stunned by the revelations.

I should have known better however. The clues were there. Tyler Hamilton. Floyd Landis. I should have seen it coming. I didn't however.

As a result of the revelations I had another consideration to make. My LiveStrong band-

I have been wearing the band since about 2005. I bought it to support the LiveStrong foundation that Lance set up to support the fight against cancer. A very noble cause. I realised however, that my continued wearing of the band was more a sign of my respect for Lance Armstrong and his sporting achievements.

This respect has gone so, with the help of these-

I did this-

Not much of a response I know but, I don't feel quite so dirty now.

Thanks Lance, for nothing.


  1. The signs were all there, but as a cancer survivor myself I wanted to believe the story..I wanted to believe that LA had not been a cheat and a doper...
    In the end the case against him was far too powerful. Like you I no longer wear the Livestrong band...There are plenty of other cancer charities worthy of my support and I do not wish to show any connection to LA...I now wear a BikePure band to show my support for a drug free sport of cycling...


  2. Trevor,

    Well done for being a survivor!