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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sexy new bike!

I have got a new bike!

Allow me to introduce you to Raffa-


Racing Division? I think I will be the weak link!
Raffa is a 2013 Wilier Izoard XP with a carbon fibre monocoque frame, Fulcrum racing 5 wheels and a mix of  Simano Ultegra and Wilier componentry.

Wilier Triestina is an Italian company with over 100 years of cycle manufacture history. They currently provide bikes for Team Lampre (easily identifiable with their blue and pink kit) in the pro peleton.

Raffa, being an Italian bike, is named for my wife's favourite Italian, Raffaele De Vita who plays on the wing for our football team, Swindon Town FC.

I picked up Raffa on Saturday morning and have not yet had the opportunity to ride him. Hopefully the weather will hold out this weekend and I can get some miles in to perfect the set up.

I'm so looking forward to it


  1. SEXY!!!!
    huh.. the bicycle and not the Marmite lol

  2. Very nice it is too... Enjoy!