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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Domestic Disasters

Why is it that domestic equipment waits until the worst possible moment before deciding to throw a spanner in the works?

When I got out of bed this morning, the plan was to get hygienic in the bathroom followed by feeding the cats, preparing lunch for SWMBO, No.1 Son and I to take to work, eat breakfast and then go to work. On arrival in the kitchen I discovered that SWMBO had got up a little earlier and put a load of washing on. Whilst I was doing my thing with the rolls and sandwich filling the washing machine started to drain. For some reason I thought "That doesn't sound right". To be more precise, it sounded very much on the wet side of wrong. I quickly switched the machine off and pulled the kick board from the front of the surrounding kitchen units. I then shoved my dry hand under the kitchen cupboards and got it soaked! Cue much cursing and panicking. I had to pull a fully laden washing machine out from it's space (integral machine so tight fitting) and then start to grovel around with cloths etc, soaking up all the water before it a) lifted the flooring and b) soaked into the wall. I had to leave the machine in the middle of the kitchen floor, still full of washing and water to be dealt with when I get home. To cap it all, when I got to work, I thought to myself "You know something Fuzzy? You are very hungry." I then realised I'd rushed out to get to work on time without eating breakfast. not good for me as I get the shakes in the morning if I don't eat.
Anyway, the washing machine is awaiting my return from work when, instead of going to the gym for a bit of a beasting, I will have to start messing around and trying to undo waste pipes that are a tight fit behind kitchen cupboards. When I say tight fit, I mean very very tight fit. Barely enough room to turn the collars on pipe joints etc.

Domestic Appliances- I'm sure they have secret channels of communication and plan this sort of activity as part of their World Domination strategy.

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