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Friday, 14 August 2009

Garden beasts

Our garden does not attract much in the way of wildlife. I think this is probably due, in the main, to our two cats- Willow, a dark tortoiseshell, who acts pretty much like I would expect a dog to behave and Scooby, Willows smaller sister, a white, tabby and tortoiseshell (torby?) kitty. Over the few years that we have been owned by these two, various feathered and furred beasts have been delivered to our doorstep, generally accompanied by much meowing and smugness.

We do get the usual visitors- sparrows, blackbirds, a regular robin, the odd fat pigeon, occasional grey squirrel entertainment and hedgehog snuffings. Colourful birds are rare- finches, tits etc. Overflying our garden all the time are the Chiltern squadrons of red Kite, which are thriving after the reintroduction programme which occured in and around the Getty estate in Stokenchurch.

My favourite visitor however are the bats we see performing daring aerobatics around our garden in the evenings starting in the spring and continuing into the autumn. I spent quite a while last night watching a pair of bats flying crazy patterns over my lawn and patio.

What do you like to see or watch in your garden?

1 comment:

  1. Bats, cats and bees! Sadly not that many of the latter this year.