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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Back to work for a rest!

I was off work last week. Clan Fuzzy intended to visit friends on Arran but the visit fell through. Instead, SWMBO and I spent the week blitzing Fuzzy Towers. We cleared the loft of junk that we could no longer justify hanging on to 'Just in case'. We did the same to the two sheds and the garage. We then spent a day clearing out and cleaning the kitchen (I'm gobsmacked at where cat hair can works its way into). We also managed to factor in two football matches at Swindon (Coooooome On You Reds!), the second of which, being a midweek game, gave me a day to erect a shed at my Sister in Laws house. This shed had been awaiting building for 18 months, during which the instruction book pages fused together. It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle without a picture to reference. The shed is up and solid. The manufacturers even managed to supply a few spare bits- at least I hope they are spare. We did have a quieter weekend, with a trip out on Saturday to do a bit of shopping and to have a pint at The Lee (Coulston something or other, or Midsomer wotsit to you Midsomer Murder fans). very pleasant. Sunday was the Grocery shop day followed by a tremendous BBQ at a friends house in Feltham. I don't know how Santo does it but his BBQ cooking is to die for.
Anyway, with all this activity, I didn't get a mile in on the bike. Best I get a shift on if I'm going to hit the 300 mile target this month.

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