Never underestimate the power of one wheel drive!


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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow poblem...

As I write, I am preparing to get changed and ride home. 10 and a smidge miles and the white stuff is still falling from the sky. Yay!

Last night I did the same thing. When I started the ride, all the roads had a good coating of snow. I was on Stig and his 700 X 23 road tyres were able to cut through the snow and get grip on the road beneath. The ride was great, the snow had that sound deadening quality that makes me feel like I'm riding through the inside of a quilt. What little traffic that as on the road took it easy and gave me loads of room when passing- if it could go fast enough to pass that is. The ride was pretty much incident free, just a few loose moments as I negotiated the odd wide compacted wheel track. 50 minutes of glorious fun. The only problem was getting the snow out of the vents in my helmet.

The ride into work today was on my utility bike, a 1990’s 7 speed steel framed nil suspension MTB. I have decided to call him Jeeves as he is my ‘Bike that does’. Anyway, the main roads were slush covered with the side roads either slush, compacted snow or a combination of both. Once again the ride was incident free. This time however, the motorised traffic was a tad faster than last night. As they overtook, sometimes they did so with one set of wheels in the thick slush line- cue slush explosion from under the car/ truck etc. I managed to avoid getting coated. 47 minutes of having a blast.

Unlike a couple of folk I know, I don’t own a Surly Pugsley. One day maybe……

Never underestimate the effectiveness of one wheel drive.

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