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Monday, 18 January 2010

Mind that ho..........!

One downside to the recent snow filled fun has been the effect the snow and ice has had on the road surfaces. Roads the country over are falling apart now, with potholes of varying sizes, from putting green cup size up to Grand Canyon scale behemoths.

These potholes can be sneaky buggers, hiding at the bottom of innocent looking puddles or lurking in the shadows cast by bike or following car lights. One of the things we try to teach when taking bike patrol courses is that puddles should be avoided when riding for just this reason. Hitting a big pothole at speed can really ruin your wheel, if not your whole day.

In fact, potholes caused a couple of moments of consternation on my commute in this morning. Today was the first day back on Stig, my fixed wheel road bike after relying on Jeeves whilst dealing with the snow. I found myself trying to set up to bunny hop or ‘soften up’ on the pedals and handlebars to ride over a pothole. Cue the “You dumb idiot, you’re riding a fixed” bouncy on the pedals and rapid unplanned deceleration moment.

I’ll get used to fixed eventually!

Anyway, returning to the potholes, if you have problems in your area visit to report it. They will make sure the right council is notified.

Ride safe folks.


  1. After my ice speeding race, I order two schwable Ice spiker tyres. And today a package was delivered. 2 x 304 mean and aggressive spikes Yeaahh!!

  2. or just opt for the ultimate winter ride, a Surly Pugsley??? PUG U!!!
    with the 4 " tires of the Pugs you will laugh at all potholes!!!

    Peace, Joboo

  3. +2 on the pugsley..but a big outlay if just for snow riding/commuting in the uk...
    had the law enforcement above over here the other week for a beachride...on bikepatrol on east lothian beaches!