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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Well, Stigs transformation is complete-

The next images are of the conversion that I did-

42 tooth chainring moved to the outside of the spider

with flat spots filed onto washers to space out the now too long chainring bolts

The business end

and a none too shabby chain line considering I did no spacing of sprocket, chainring, bottom bracket etc.

My first ride of 2010 was aboard Stig. I'd never ridden a fixed before so limited myself to a loop of slightly over 13 miles which took in flat, slight ascending, more pronounced ascending (last 100 yards of Marlow Hill in High Wycombe) and some descending.

A few things became evident-
1) Riding fixed certainly requires better anticipation than a freewheel bike.
2) With the current set up, 23.5 mph is the max comfortable descending speed.
3) Trying to freewheel when riding a fixed is an ‘odd’ experience.

The anticipation relates to many things, arriving at traffic lights as they change to green to allow a good launch, unweighting the saddle at the right point in the pedal stroke when negotiating speed bumps etc.

The descending speed cadence at 23.5 mph was as fast as I could comfortably maintain. Faster had me bouncing in the saddle. I thought this odd as hooning along a flat at 24.5 mph was not uncomfortable in that way- just lung and muscle busting.

This fixed lark could be habit forming.

More reports as I get the miles in.

Happy New Year folks.

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