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Monday, 29 March 2010

The importance of recycling

Recycling has many benefits. Not only does it help towards saving the planet and making us feel better about ourselves, it can save a crap load of stress.

When Knuckles, my now deceased Saracen Morzine which I used as a commuter was dealt a fatal blow (reversed into by a truck which knocked me off and put a hefty dent in a seat stay) I dismantled him and saved as much as possible. As a result, his front wheel, complete with deflated tube and tyre were hanging in the garage roof.

What relevance is this? I hear you ask. Well, when it came time to leave for work this morning I was busy doing things at home that needed doing before I left. This meant that I was running about 30 minutes late (I usually get to work about 30 minutes early). It was at this time that I discovered Stigs front tyre was flatter than a hedgehog that got run over a fortnight ago. Cue much effing and blinding and the odd "Oh No!!! What am I going to do now?" cos I knew changing the tube would take a while but then a was hit with a flash of inspiration- Knuckles front wheel!

I ran to the garage, retrieved the wheel, swapped them out and inflated the replacement. I got to work, showered and entered the office dead on time.

That is why recycling is important.

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  1. A very enjoyable blog, and nice to read something from a "local" cyclist. Work in Wycombe myself, grew up in Maidenhead and now live in Reading. Memories of Captain Hooks bar (taking the short cut across the railway bridge through the field of cow pats), and the old Fawlty Towers, fishing on Odney Common & cycling up to Winter Hill and rolly-pollying down it!