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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tap tap tappity bl***y tap!

...and other noises.

This morning as I rode Stig to work an annoying, worrying and irregular tapping noise was eminating from somewhere withing Stigs bowels. It started about half a mile into the ride and sounded like it was coming from the headset area. I knew it couldn't be a headset problem because I was riding in a straight line. I kept looking around the bottom bracket area and trying to see if I could feel any knocking or anything else during my pedal stroke. I couldn't feel a thing out of the ordinary. After about 20 minutes of fretting over whether this was the sound of Stig in his death throes I sussed it out. My left shoe lace dangly bit was a little bit longer than usual this morning. The tappity tap noise was the plasticated end of the lace hitting my water bottle- Doh!

The other noise I heard this morning was a kind of Spoing sound. I can only describe it as the sort of noise made by a tired old mattress or sofa when you sit on it. I looked around again and then relaised what it was. I coud see Snowdrops that had flowered. The Spoing was Spring in the final stages of winding itself up to, well, spring!


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