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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hey Gang! How is everyone?

I've been out of circulation for a while due to workload (at work and at home) and have been neglecting my blog. Excuse me while I hang my head in shame.........

OK, that's enough shame for one day.

My mileage log is looking more neglected than my blog. Unfortunately Cyclogs, the logging site I use has been experiencing problems and the guy that runs it needs to rewrite some of the code. he is in the same boat as I was and we will have to wait for him to get time to do his thing.

My mileage is also taking a bit of a beating. I am sure I am nowhere near the mileage I was at same time last year. To be honest, I haven't been enjoying my saddle time so much recently. Part of the reason for this I think was that I wasn't reaching my targets. I have decided now that I am going to bin the target of 300 miles per month. I will still log my miles but not get so worked up about reaching the 300 miles. I am going to get back to getting the miles in because I want to ride- not because I need to reach a magic number. Another reason for not enjoying the riding is because I am getting hacked off withe the weather. I don't mind riding in the cold or the wet, or even the odd cold wet ride but, this winter seems to have been going on for ever! Now the days are drawing out and the weather is improving, I am starting to get the buzz again!

I had a good ride home the other evening. I am still on Stig and am developing a bit of a taste for riding fixed. Anyhoo, as I was riding along the Bourne End to Marlow road, a roadie on a nice Scott (CR1 I think) blasted past me. I hadn't heard him coming so was a bit startled. Anyway, he started to pull away so I tried accelerating to keep up (yep, you got it- Commuter Racing mode was well and truly engaged). He was on soot and titanium chimera whilst I was on a steel and luggage laden fixed so I was on a hiding to nothing but I kept trying. When I reached the A404/ A4155 roundabout though, he had sat up and I managed to pass him. Had I caused him to blow by working hard to reel him in or was he resting? I know what I think.........

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  1. Commuter racing victories are always so much more satisfying when you're on an old steel fixer!