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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Having watched the last couple of stages of the Giro d’ Italia, there were lots of images of fallen cyclists and torn lycra and blood and road rash.

Now, like a lot of you cyclists out there, I have had my fair share of falling from the steed situations during which I have suffered varying levels of lumps and bumps and road rash. I then got thinking about the diverse downsides of these injuries. The thing is, for every downside I could think of at least one upside-

Bashed hip or thigh causing you to walk with a limp for a little while- get it right and folk will be falling over themselves to help you.

Broken collar bone- think of the tales you could weave about the way you smashed your body to bits but recovered and bravely cycle on.

Cuts and abrasions- these leave scars and (apparently) Chicks dig scars.

I then got to road rash.

Road rash can also leave scars and as I said, Chicks dig scars.
The problem with road rash is that it weeps and weeping road rash has a nasty side effect- adhesion.

When I get road rash, it is generally on my hip or the outside of my thigh and buttocks. I clean it up and try to get on with my life.

The problem with getting on with my life is that it involves things like wearing clothes and sleeping. I get dressed, pulling on lycra bib shorts for the ride to or from work, or underwear (I don’t do commando other than when wearing cycle kit) and the weepage from road rash sticks to the garments. I go to bed (I subscribe to the Marilyn Monroe sleep wear ethos- she wore Channel No.5 I wear whatever body spray or aftershave I have in the bathroom) and at some stage in the night roll on to my side. The weepage from road rash sticks to the sheets.

Unsticking from sheets or lycra hurts.

I hate adhesion.


  1. Stick to rule number 1 when cycling.
    "Always keep the rubber-side under!!"


  2. Hahaha, great post. I know the adhesion thing only too well!

    I could tell the tale (not cycle related) of the results sitting on a fuel tank in a RIB on a boat course I did in the army, fuel burns cause cracking adhesion!

  3. I'm happy to have come across your blog, thanks to the Crank nominations. Now I've got you on my radar I'll be checking in regularly.
    You sure have a cool background and I like the way you lay out your posts.
    Yeah, the Giro has been interesting this year hasn't it. Keep up the great work.


  4. Clive,

    Getting into 'Sticky Situations' is what being in the military is all about!


    Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated.