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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Feeling the Love

The other day I posted this on YACF-

What I sent to Andrews of Tideswell by e mail a short while ago-

To whom it may concern.

This e mail is to thank the driver of your coach that made a big difference to my day yesterday. I did not get the registration of the vehicle concerned but hopefully the details of the incident will be enough to identify the driver and pass on my regards.

Yesterday afternoon (23/05/2010), probably at around 3:00 p.m. I was cycling on the A4130 between Hurley and Henley on Thames (heading towards Henley). I was aware of a coach behind me. The driver of the coach showed patience and courtesy, waiting behind me as we descended a hill (I am quite fast when descending but many drivers still force their way past). He continued to wait until there was a good, safe passing opportunity.

Often drivers pass cyclists far too close (I have often been passed on empty roads so close that I could easily touch the passing vehicle) and I include professional goods vehicle and coach drivers in this. Your driver however knows his stuff and he ensured there was plenty of space between us. This is where the story gets interesting. When your driver was about half way through his passing manoeuvre I saw the front of a silver car appear at an entrance on the offside of the road ahead of us. This driver of this vehicle was obviously only looking to their right as they started to emerge from the entrance, turning towards us, into the path of your coach.

Many drivers confronted with what your driver had to deal with would have forgotten my presence beside them and pulled back into the left lane. This would have required me to bail out by riding into the bank at the side of the road and crashing. Your driver did not do this. He was fully aware of me at all times and dealt with the situation by doing 3 things that I was aware of- 1) Started braking. 2) Sounded his horn and most importantly for me 3) held his position until we had both stopped. Once the coach had a clear road, your driver pulled away and continued on his way.

I did not get the chance to acknowledge your drivers skill and professionalism directly to him so hope that you can identify him from the route and time detail. If not, perhaps you can bring this e mail to the attention of all your drivers in order that he gets to see it. I am sure that the right man will recognise the incident.

Thanks again to your staff.

Well, this morning I got more 'Love' from a driver. The pilot of the O2 shuttle bus that was running between Maidenhead and Slough was behind me at traffic lights. These lights are at a point on the A4 which is, to be frank, bloody awful. My dental bills are bad enough without shaking the fillings out of my head over ruts and potholes. I therefore stick to the middle of the road until I clear the dodgy surface. The shuttle pilot waited patiently behind me, no over revving or tailgating until I pulled over to secondary position. I waved an acknowledgement as he started to pass and got a cheery wave in return.

O2 will be getting an e mail from me later!


  1. If only all drivers paid attention

  2. Bloody hell, I'd have that driver stuffed and mounted for posterity! Fair play to him!