Never underestimate the power of one wheel drive!


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Friday, 21 May 2010

You know it makes sense!

I had a cracking commute in to work this morning. Nice clear skies and the temperature was just right (bib shorts, light base layer, short sleeve jersey and arm warmers).

The roads were fairly clear of traffic. Rabbits hopping around the grass verge, cows peering over the fence at me, herons stalking fish in the reeds of the streams adjacent to the road, swans and their cygnets and ducks with their ducklings in the Thames. The sun rising over Cliveden House and illuminating the mist hanging over the meadows.

I though to myself, is this the only sane way to travel to work? I suspect I will say yes as I ride home this evening, past the queues of vehicles waiting on the A4 because of the roadworks on Maidenhead Bridge (or because it is POETS Day).

Cycle commuting- what a way to travel!


  1. Absolutely mate, couldn't agree more.

  2. bet you had a more relaxed,chilled and kinda good `all is well with the world` feeling after riding in than most folk did driving!